Wax Heaters

The alcohol stove is an essential tool for melting wax and creating a perfect wax seal. It was created to melt sealing wax without blackening it. The stove can be used directly over the flame, or by heating a cooking spoon over the flame. It is an important desk accessory and an ideal product for creating a perfect seal.

The white bronze decorations were designed by our master jewellers and are a work of art. They are made entirely by hand in our workshop by our craftsmen. For best results, we recommend using 90% pure alcohol for a stable, odourless flame. The alcohol stove makes it possible to create perfect wax seals without altering the colour, even when using white wax.

While white bronze is not a precious metal, it is a respectable material that has also been used in art for centuries. It is an alloy composed of 80% copper and 20% zinc, which provides high strength and resistance to oxidation. Bronze lends itself to the finest artistic workmanship, and is hand-patinated and chiselled during the finishing process.

We hope you enjoy using our alcohol stove for years to come.

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