Ebony Powder ink / Bister ink - Hamburg


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Unearth the artistry of Ebony Powder Ink, brilliance encapsulated in a jar. Ideal for intricate designs using fine-tipped pens, this superior, washable ink boasts eco-friendliness and safety for children. When mixed with warm water, its distinctive shade embodies the depth of night. Crafted in Italy and presented in a 20ml jar, let each stroke ignite your imagination.

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Ebony Powder ink / Bister ink - Hamburg

Unveil the Artistry with Ebony Powder Ink / Bister Ink - A Hamburg Exclusive!

Elegantly Encased in a 20g jar, this ink is a delightful blend of tradition and quality, ensuring every artist, whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, finds their muse.

Why Choose Ebony Powder Ink?

  • Precision Perfected: Achieve impeccable detailing. From practice sessions to final masterpieces, watch your visions come alive with unmatched clarity, especially with those fine point nib sketches.
  • Universal Appeal: Be it a brush, quill, or stylus, this ink resonates with every tool. Its versatile nature guarantees crisp, standout results every single time.
  • Child-Friendly & Easy Cleanup: Embrace creativity without the mess! Its easily washable formula is perfect for artists of all ages.

Master the Mix in Moments:

  1. Initiate with a pinch (that's about a teaspoon tip) of this enchanting powder.
  2. Blend in 8 teaspoons of warm water for the right consistency.
  3. Desire deeper intensity? A tad more powder does the magic!
  4. A few drops of Gum Arabic ensures a smooth glide.

Embark on the EBONY Journey: Beyond just a shade, Ebony narrates tales of a historic wood, renowned for its depth and allure. Its richness contrasts beautifully with lighter tones, offering a spectrum of possibilities.

Elevate, Illustrate, Captivate - Dive into a world of artistic wonder with Ebony Powder Ink. Make each stroke count. Shop now and embrace the transformation!

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